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  • Could you provide the Bootloader? I prefer to use AVR ISP over the serial port programming but I have my other friends who do not prefer that (I don’t use Arduino IDE). One option would be that I read the memory before I program it but I usually manage to loose the file.

  • Hi everyone,
    I have used ITG3200 and ADXL345 break out ( I had a very good and stable reading on my old quad, and I was using complementary filter instead of Kalman filter. Right now, I am using the code provided ( and it fluctuate a lot when my motors are running fast. So I started using my own code for ADXL345 and I am not using Arduino IDE, I am using Code vision. My SDA is PORTC.4 and my SCL is PORTC.5. I send the 0xA6 which is the ADXL345 address and I don’t receive any ack.
    My sensor is working fine with the code provided so it can’t be a hardware problem. Do you have any idea what I am missing?
    thank you very much.

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