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  • Answers my question… I do not want to buy under this requirement. Im not going to buy all the extra baggage for a $10 board. Pi foundation need to pull out the proverbial head from the proverbial hole and JUST MAKE MORE of the zero/zeroW. Stop playing this game. It IS NOT like it cannot be done.

  • How much beer is in the rasbeery pi graphical datasheet? an several other speeling eerrers.

    I think Mike Szczys authored this. :-P

  • Spectacle: It seems that someone else has picked a silly word and seeks to maximize his 15 minutes!

    What are you going to call the connected boards: Nose Pads? Pad Arms? Lenses? End Pieces? Temples? Bridges? Top Bar? Temple Tips? Hinges? Screws?

    Brought to you by READERS.COM

  • Please cleanup the headache-inducing squeal ALL of the videos in this tutorial. Cannot watch.

  • if(oldLink != isWorking)





  • What time frame, epoch, numbering system are you using for this sale?

    The home page says:

    Sale will run until midnight MST on 1/8/2017. Sale prices are while supplies last, no backorders.

    The clearance page says:

    The sale will run until 11:59pm MT on 6/10/2016. Don’t miss out on your chance to add something cool to your next project!

  • What kind of silliness that I am FORCED to change to another arduino version, JUST to install the ‘core’ for this board! I finally got my LAST version to work with my projects, and now to see WHAT ELSE the arduino devs have changed! The last sentence of the first paragraph in this product description makes no mention that YOU MUST HAVE a supported arduino version to install - valid versions, 1.0.6, 1.6.5-r5, 1.6.9, 1.6.11 or 1.6.12. Any other version, and you’re out of luck.

    I know that the RTFM/command-line junkies among us will say that there is an encyclopaedia called PJRC that I should read. To that I say, NO! The vendor SHOULD have made this note.

    Oh, you have to DL a compatible arduino version, install and RUN ONCE, then terminate arduino before installing.

  • With pot legal in Colorado, it MUST be interfering with updating datasheets and product descriptions!

  • bboyho, I realize that I am late to this post, but…

    I’m using an adafruit huzzah board and ttl console cable

    I’ve seen this under certain circumstances.

    1. download speed set to 921600. The download usually works, but infrequently fails. More successful at 256000.
    2. WiFi access attempts during downloads.
    3. powering the board from the arduino uno board’s 3v3 pin.
  • I put the (modified) AP Web Server sketch in an adafruit Huzzah. It does work.

    fixed issues:

    huzzah built-in led is on pin 0

    huzzah led on pin 0 is reversed - pullup on that pin(?). several small edits to accommodate this.

    ongoing issues:

    —————————-CANNOT get the <INITIAL> AP Web Server sketch’s WiFi configuration OUT of the ESP8266.——————————–

    Downloading another sketch does not clear the WiFi config - whether the sketch is the AP Web Server or another WiFi sketch. In my wireless devices, the AP ‘ESP8266 Thing 7448’ appears whenever this huzzah board is powered. Doesn’t matter which sketch is in it. Changing the password (WiFiAPPSK) in this sketch and then downloading, does NOT take effect. Changing the AP_NameString in this sketch and then downloading, does NOT take effect.

    WOW, Working On Whitespace

    EDIT: I found some notes over at jeelabs(github) about a ‘blank.bin’ to clear wifi configuration. I’ll report back.

    EDIT: Forget it. I must have used some invalid info. I changed the WiFiAPPSK[]= line to an 8-char pw andthe SSID/PW change works. I power-cycled than downloaded the sketch.

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