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  • Product DEV-11851 | last week

    Edit: So far, they have re-affirmed that it compiles in Arduino 0021! not looking good.

    They released a new library for 1.05-1.5.6

    It does compile without error in 1.05 and 1.5.5.

  • Product DEV-11021 | last week

    I don’t know! I have nearly worn out my DIP socket from using the UNO to program 328s for embedded and from removing the 328 to use UNO as a serial programmer. try that with the SMD. ;) On my original, I will replace the DIP socket with a ZIF socket. Shields won’t fit, but I have other R3s.

  • Product DEV-11021 | last week

    Not the same a my original UNO R3. This IS a licensed, manufacture, but…

    • the depaneling was NOT as clean as the original. rough glass under the USB and Power connectors. small lump by ICSP header at 328p pin 1

    • mfg silkscreen junk on bottom by usb connector

    • lytics have slightly different markings

    • vreg has different markings/branding

    • RESET button label is in a much better location

    • board seems more green than the original

    • copper lettering under soldermask on bottom - by usb [03] on one and [06] on the other - panel locations?

    • female header pins are labeled - Lovely!

  • Product DEV-11851 | last week

    I used PRT-10158 rather than PRT-11417. Now I am out! Where is my shopping cart?

  • Product DEV-11851 | last week

    Works perfectly in 4-bit mode with the “LiquidCrystal” library included with the Arduino IDE

    r1.0.5 and r1.5.5 throw ~30 errors when including LCD4Bit_mod

    I have emailed linksprite tech support. hopefully they have a resolution.

    Edit: in less than 10 minutes, they had an automated ticket generated. pleasant surprise

  • Product DEV-11575 | about 3 weeks ago

    I ordered 2 reds, 2 pro mini 5v, thanks

  • Product DEV-11575 | about 3 weeks ago

    What happened to allowing arduino day backorders?

  • Product BOB-11551 | about a year ago

    cool, the chip looks like a simple transistor, obfuscation made easier

  • Product PRT-10158 | about 2 years ago

    long Male DIP headers?? I want to form an icsp header to straddle the center of a solderless breadboard. I have one using this part, but it requires a bit of vero board

  • Product PRT-08944 | about 2 years ago

    wonderfully washed-out picures

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