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  • bboyho, I realize that I am late to this post, but…

    I’m using an adafruit huzzah board and ttl console cable

    I’ve seen this under certain circumstances.

    1. download speed set to 921600. The download usually works, but infrequently fails. More successful at 256000.
    2. WiFi access attempts during downloads.
    3. powering the board from the arduino uno board’s 3v3 pin.
  • I put the (modified) AP Web Server sketch in an adafruit Huzzah. It does work.

    fixed issues:

    huzzah built-in led is on pin 0

    huzzah led on pin 0 is reversed - pullup on that pin(?). several small edits to accommodate this.

    ongoing issues:

    —————————-CANNOT get the <INITIAL> AP Web Server sketch’s WiFi configuration OUT of the ESP8266.——————————–

    Downloading another sketch does not clear the WiFi config - whether the sketch is the AP Web Server or another WiFi sketch. In my wireless devices, the AP ‘ESP8266 Thing 7448’ appears whenever this huzzah board is powered. Doesn’t matter which sketch is in it. Changing the password (WiFiAPPSK) in this sketch and then downloading, does NOT take effect. Changing the AP_NameString in this sketch and then downloading, does NOT take effect.

    WOW, Working On Whitespace

    EDIT: I found some notes over at jeelabs(github) about a ‘blank.bin’ to clear wifi configuration. I’ll report back.

    EDIT: Forget it. I must have used some invalid info. I changed the WiFiAPPSK[]= line to an 8-char pw andthe SSID/PW change works. I power-cycled than downloaded the sketch.

  • function prototypes will fix this. put these lines before setup()

    void initHardware();

    void connectWiFi();

    int postToPhant();

  • It would be nice to have this breakout board layout for https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12986 [LED - RGB Addressable, PTH] Then chain a few together .

  • How about a 12x and a 60x ring. Adafruit has both listed. … /products/1643 and …/products/1768 –the 60x is in quarters. I’d rather buy from sf..

    Also, please update the pictures to show the correct LED modules (WS2812B ). My 24x ring has the modules shown here http://www.adafruit.com/images/1200x900/1487-06.jpg

  • Edit: So far, they have re-affirmed that it compiles in Arduino 0021! not looking good.

    They released a new library for 1.05-1.5.6 https://s3.amazonaws.com/linksprite/Shields/16X2+LCD+Keypad+shield/LCD4Bit_mod(for+Arduino+1.0.5-r2).zip

    It does compile without error in 1.05 and 1.5.5.

  • I don’t know! I have nearly worn out my DIP socket from using the UNO to program 328s for embedded and from removing the 328 to use UNO as a serial programmer. try that with the SMD. ;) On my original, I will replace the DIP socket with a ZIF socket. Shields won’t fit, but I have other R3s.

  • Not the same a my original UNO R3. This IS a licensed, manufacture, but…

    • the depaneling was NOT as clean as the original. rough glass under the USB and Power connectors. small lump by ICSP header at 328p pin 1

    • mfg silkscreen junk on bottom by usb connector

    • lytics have slightly different markings

    • vreg has different markings/branding

    • RESET button label is in a much better location

    • board seems more green than the original

    • copper lettering under soldermask on bottom - by usb [03] on one and [06] on the other - panel locations?

    • female header pins are labeled - Lovely!

  • I used PRT-10158 rather than PRT-11417. Now I am out! Where is my shopping cart?

  • http://linksprite.com/wiki/index.php5?title=16_X_2_LCD_Keypad_Shield_for_Arduino

    Works perfectly in 4-bit mode with the “LiquidCrystal” library included with the Arduino IDE

    r1.0.5 and r1.5.5 throw ~30 errors when including LCD4Bit_mod

    I have emailed linksprite tech support. hopefully they have a resolution.

    Edit: in less than 10 minutes, they had an automated ticket generated. pleasant surprise

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