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  • How would I get this kit to output to a small LCD or TFT screen without the use of a PC?

  • Is it me, or should these boards also have the outputs listed on the other side of the board as well?
    I really with that these boards had the female ports pre-soldered into place. I have already kinda killed one set, half the board plugs in fine, the other side will not push in completely. I have tried to reheat in hopes that the solder would flow back down, but no dice. I am thinking it is time to get a de-soldering wand that is built onto a soldering iron. I will try not to kill the second one and solder it upside down in hopes that it will work better. Also, time to use a hair of flux. My soldering iron is using a really fine tip too, I tried not to flow too much solder in.

  • I connected the MP3Trigger (v2.40beta) to a Bluetooth Serial board and for testing purposes I am connecting via a Bluetooth Terminal Window on com5. If I type in F, R, T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, O, S0, S1 everything works fine.
    S0 returns: =MP3 Trigger v2.40e
    S1 returns: =5 (That is the correct number of track I have at present on the 2GB SD card, that will be increased to 250 or so later on.)
    Have not tried the v command as the volume is fine at the stock level for now.
    If I type in Q0, Q1 nothing happens so I have no idea what is going on with those settings.
    If I type in t1, 't'001, t001 I get an error returned.
    I also tried to cut and paste the command t1, t001 in case my typing is too slow, still no dice. So is there something I am missing here to make this work?

  • Can someone please share an example Sketch on how to get this to work in Serial mode with an Arduino Uno? I have downloaded the NewSoftSerial library, and can see that it has updated the Uno when running, but I have no idea how to continue to go from there. I am trying to control the MP3Trigger V2 through this connection. Also, is there a way to configure the WiFi settings from the Sketch rather than doing so in a AdHoc connection?
    Thanks in advance!!

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