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  • So I would need two of these to connect 4 servos? Am I reading that right?

  • This is great! On many an occasion I have measured my Sparkfun components to incorporate them into a 3D printed housing…

    Fun fact: Github has an STL viewer built in, so if you look at something like this:


    You will see the actual model rendered !

  • I have had good results using little snaps. Basically you solder to one of them, then sew the other one with conductive thread.

    Check out this article on Adafruit: http://learn.adafruit.com/flora-snaps/overview

    I have not used it with speakers, but I think it could be a good place to start.

  • I am having trouble straightening my light pipe - it seems permanently curved… Any tips?

  • Magnus was only a couple components short of finally adding +10 stamina to his viking helm IRL.

  • Nice tutorial! Any tips on the best way to connect one to an XBee?

  • Heh! What happened to this guy, it looks awesome!

  • Any idea when these may be back in stock?

  • Thanks for the replies, guys! That is great news for me because I want to use this with my Joystick shield, which uses D2-D6 for it’s buttons, and the alert pin is using one of those. Speaking of which, the description says:

    “The configurable alert interrupt pin on the MAX17043G+U IC is broken out to D3 ”

    -but looking at the traces, it seems like it is going to D2… in fact, the trace on the back is even labelled D2/ALT. Is this a typo?

  • What is the purpose of the double rows of header holes? Just curious!