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  • Ryan -

    This looks pretty interesting, I am trying to figure out if it's the right solution for my need - let me explain.

    I manage 14 unmanned, remote sites that have some SCADA type monitoring - mostly alarm contacts, such as hight temp/ low temp. What I can't see is where the temp actually is - just that it's in alarm. For most of the alarm points (smoke detectors, door sensors, etc.) this is fine, but I am looking at adding a separate system that allows me more flexibility - Arduino's talking to 1-wire sensors attached to a Raspberry Pi is one way I am thinking. Perhaps 5-8 temp sensors monitoring the air temp of the redundant HVAC systems, outdoor temp, and some in equipment racks , a few DC voltages to track, maybe a couple of other things, but gathering and tracking the data across multiple sites starts to become daunting. COSMOS looks like it might be the right fit to track and manage all these datastreams from multiple sites, and watch ranges / alarm on sets out of range.

    Looking for more info - the documentation has lots on COSMOS, but how do I talk to a RPi with it? Is there a program that runs on the RPi that I am missing?


  • Ditto - still use APRS here. If you're really interested in tracking things - get a Amateur Radio license - anyone here can pass the Tech test - no Morse code required - just basic electronics and safety. I run APRS from my Kenwood D-700 while mobile - for free! Take that cellular companies!