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  • Finally I get the book. I like the design and layout. And even though it comes complete with a typo (to be expected with almost every book that comes out these days) I think this will be a good addition to my library and help me learn Processing. Thanks for making this available.

  • I suppose one could use this with a Particle Photon and be able to get notification on my phone when the soil needs more moisture. Yes?

  • Will you please, please, please lose the unnecessary and distracting background music in the videos especially when someone is talking and explaining something?

  • I will ask the same question khanning asked some time ago. Where can you get the connector parts (both M and F) so one can make custom lengths. The fact that these jumper wires are being made at all suggest the parts exist. I have done a search but can't seem to find any. So where do the folks who make these wires get the parts I wonder?

  • And for us lazy entry level folks who don't want to mess with trying to figure out which parts from which company to choose from.

  • This is one of the better videos on soldering I have seen. I wish this had been available when I first started learning to solder over a year ago.

  • In regards to crowd-sourced assembly my wife sewed soda pop can sleeves on an industrial sewing machine down in the basement and she did some other piece work to help with the family budget. That was about twenty years ago. I haven't known anyone personally who does that anymore. It seems with today people needing extra income every little bit helps. So why not take advantage of a great local work force. Thanks for bringing the idea to mind.

  • In the Salt Lake City area Radio Shack is the easiest to get to. I think the parts are rather pricy though. There is a place somewhere in the area that has lots of components that Radio Shack won't have in store. The only problem with this other place is they are only open Monday through Friday and close early in the day. I am at work when they are open so they aren't public friendly. So the easiest way to get stuff is through mail order.

  • Well said. I got what I deserve (a waste of valuable time never to be recovered) and no one but myself made me do it.

  • I Won. Here is what I got.

    A day of hard earned Annual leave wasted. Cramped fingers. Tired eyes. Going to have captcha nightmares. Nothing productive to show for today. Lots of typing practice (nah I get that anyway at work typing a lot more use stuff). And finally the sucker, dumb bell, idiot of the day award.

    I can't believe I let myself get sucked into something like this. If I ever had any urges to gamble this cured them.

    Will I still purchase from Sparkfun. Sure. Taking time off to waste my day is my own fault.

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