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  • I just tried this successfully with the 5v FTDI breakout board. I would suggest looking at the post below from cjenkins where he suggests unplugging the inverter while using the USB power. It looks like the RAW input is connected directly to the inverter input.
    I'm not sure if it's related or not, but the silk screening on the bottom does have 5v on the FTDI pin. Although it could be a mistake, since my 5v FTDI breakout board has 3v3 on the 5v pin :)

  • I had the generic backlight not turning on problem with the Arduino Duemilanove. Tried to troubleshoot myself with no success. Would not work with USB or external power supply.
    I contacted techsupport at sparkfun dot com it was great. They were fast to respond with several realistic tests, less than 1 hour during business hours. One of their suggestions worked (not suggested in any of the previous comments).
    I typically avoid tech support at all costs due to past painful experiences, but in this case it was great. I would suggest anyone having problems should give support a try.

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