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  • Hi Quin, I am having problems opening up example code from the Qtech site. Any example code with the prefix "AS-" in the title, the arduino IDE software will not open it ( it doesn't matter what IDE version I use to try to open it ). It barks back with all kinds of JAVA errors. Any example code without the "AS-" in the title opens fine. Would it be possible for you to post a visual of all the code examples so that all I need to do is copy & paste the code into the Arduino IDE software? I'm using IDE versions 0022 all the way up to 1.0.5 on a windows Vista platform in case your curious. Thanks sir.

  • I'll take a crack at your Allen Bradley text logic...

    First contact “XIO” = examine if open BST = branch start Second contact after bst “XIC” = examine if closed NXB = next branch Third contact after nxb “XIC” = examine if closed ( Paralleled with the 2nd contact ) BND = branch end Forth contact after bnd “XIC” = examine if closed OTE = Output energized

    For some reason I can't paste a picture of the ladder but basically it is a NC contact in series with 2 NO parallel contacts followed by another NO contact in series with the parallel contacts and then the coil... I think

  • Nicely done Paul, If I remember correctly Koyo made basic PLCs for a few manufacturers a while back. GE and PLC Direct were a couple. That is why the software and keypads are the same for the GE Series One Junior and the PLC Direct 305. I had to make a program change recently on a PLC Direct 305 using that same keypad you used, oh boy lots of fun. I'm used to using old DOS or windows ladder logic software. I have an old Allen Bradley PLC 2 rack with a very old heavy programming terminal that comes with it's own CRT built in. I'll think of something to do with it eventually but at the moment I am having too much fun with arduinos, lol.

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