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  • Since this product got such crappy feedback, I feel I should leave mine.
    I had no problem with this thing. The instructions are written in bad engrish, but you don't really need them. Just make sure that JP1 is shorted out and you should be golden.
    Nice toy!
    If you want, you can see a video of mine hooked up to my arduino at

  • I'm a machinist. Maybe I can help. Shoot me an email of what you're looking for, compuslave at gee male dot com.

  • Please find a source of linear bearings for this stuff. The same kind they have for 80/20. I would appreciate it because I could just order the damn stuff and sleep again.

  • If you guys could get linear bearings for the maker beam the way you can for 80/20, I'd totally invest right this minute!