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  • For the people who may interested: (and certainly now with Japan's Problems)
    You can use this to make a miniature Radiaton Detector. Below is a link with a cool project using one of these PIN-Diodes. Haven't tried building it yet, because I don't have a suitable keyfob enclosure. And also, because it looks very hard to build. Parts are on the other hand very easy to get by. Maybe first build a bigger handheld-type before applying nanotechnology :)
    http://www.techlib.com/area_50/enricosprojects.htm#Worlds Smallest
    Edit: Those NukAlert thingies (which cost $160) use the same principle.

  • lol no, if you stick the kit in the earth on the edge of the pot, you can plug it easily in from below. If you have to plug it in from the top, you will have a cable running through your (precious) plants. also, that will cause great tension on the whole kit by the hanging weight from the cable, potentially breaking/destroying the boards

  • it's so easy to make a keylogger with this...

  • I REALLY couldn't care more for the 'Random Number Generator' part. Can I just order these and combine it with Processing or such and an Arduino, to text(or tweet/orso) me (or sound an alarm or such) if the radiation levels go up?

  • Have one of these, just bought the exact same one at a local vendor. Here's my 2 cents:
    You gotta love 'em! It's really a very cheap way to control an arduino! But you have to know these 2 small tips:
    1) use the NECIRcv library, or else, you're nowhere
    2) if the signal isn't getting trough, use a different remote. Or change the code if you have an universal remote. Some brands just doesn't cut it for some reason...

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