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  • There are three Latin words writte on the logo: EXAMEN NECESSITATUM OMNIUM, I wonder what that means?

  • is there an audio out for this? maybe via any of the pins? Thanks

  • RE can't plug and play with arduino shields - I think its better that the headers are laid out the way they are right now on the pcduino... Imagine if we use more than one arduino shield, and those shields just so happen to both plug into one same pin, then we would need another shield the go-between shield to line them up

    But if it's laid out like this, we can manually connect one of the conflicting pin to another free pin on the pcduino board... the shields wont have structural attachment to the pcduino, but we can always remedy this when designing the enclosure container

  • Hey can we hook this guy up with an external 9dBi antenna (like this one: ?

    Do you also carry the connector/adaptor for the antenna and where do we need to solder on the wifi dongle to hook it up? Thanks!

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