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  • Moore's law must be stopped.

  • Just a brief explanation of why you would use this guy:

    For a blackbody (an object that emits what it absorbs with pretty good efficiency) the the peak wavelength emitted multiplied by the temperature of the object is equal to 0.2898 degrees Kelvin. Essentially this means that, from the frequency you can get wavelength and from the wavelength, you can get temperature.

    This sensor basically measures intensity really well and does the dirty work to turn that into a frequency. (Intensity = sigma (a constant) x Temperature to the fourth power, and, using the above relationship, you can figure out the frequency it is emitting). You can therefore backtrack from the frequency you get to figure out the intensity.

    Interestingly enough, in a roundabout way, this whole physical shebang is what led to pretty much all of Einstein's theories.

    Practically, this means that you can tell the temperature of a blackbody (basically, anything that isn't a cloud of rarified gas or a mazer) by looking at it.

  • "What? It's not like you have a better way to memorize resistor codes."