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  • Can someone point me to a tutorial on how to upload new firmware to this board?

  • Member 115862,
    My above conversion factor of 0.00812 uSv/h/CPM based on tube's Co60 specs is about 6.5% higher than your lab data based on Cs137. Your data gives a factor of 0.0076 uSv/h/CPM. Can you tell me a little about the provenance of this data?
    Also, I have a Windows XP console program that puts out a table of CPM, uSv/h, uSv cumulative, elapsed time, etc., for Sparkfun geiger. Can select various formats, beeps, sample rates from command line. Email me and I can send you the C code and .exe.

  • Maybe I am missing something here. Could someone check my conversion?
    For the ND-712 tube used in the Sparkfun geiger counter, we know the dry air dose rate for Co60 gamma response:
    18 CPS/mR/hr
    Therefore: 1080 CPM = 1E-3 R/hr;
    Given 1 R = .00877 Sieverts,
    then 1 CPM = 0.00812 uSv/hr
    Does this makes sense for a conversion factor? What are people using?

  • I just bought 2 of these. Out of the box, one reads 30% less CPM than the other. I am getting an average 14 CPM out of the high one, for 60 sec sample periods.
    Also, the conversion factor I keep reading of 0.00233 uSv/hr/CPM, can anyone show how that is derived from the LND-712 specs?

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