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  • This is a great battery pack, used it to charge phone/tablet - that is until I left it on an airplane today! :-0 Will re-order as soon as they’re available.

  • says you can extend it up to 18 months by keeping in the refrigerator

  • My Bucktoot lasted about 3 minutes and failed. I suppose this is not typical but it doesn’t make me want to spend another $14 to find out. Ran a single 350mA luxeon just fine but when I connected the next LED in series the Bucktoot failed. Now it just heats up whenever connected to input power even with no output load. Bummer :-(

  • FYI the link to the datasheet is not working. The site returns the error: Fatal error: Can only throw objects in C:\Inetpub\english-cms\modules\Uploads\lib\class.uploads_utils.php on line 62

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