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  • The problem is not yellow multimeters, it's yellow with a contrasting dark grey front according to the trademark description.

  • Just send them to Europe or Asia, there are no such trademarks there. I've seen many yellow multimeters in Europe which look almost identical to the Fluke ones.

  • The serial digital audio interface on the VS1011 is it I2S or something else?

    I'm wondering what kind of interface I have to connect the serial audio data interface to on my microcontroller.

  • It's unfortunate that this breakout board doesn't have logic level converters on it so it can be used with +5V microcontrollers. I'll not be purchasing this board therefore.

  • I personally prefer Teensy since it also has a kind of debug output where you can print the contents of variables to the screen, including some simple hexadecimal formatting.

    The first thought that came to mind when I saw this board was 'how does this differ from Teensy'? Sure, it has a 6-pin programming header, but since I can write a program through the USB cable why would I care about it?

  • Do any breakout boards exist which can decode FLAC? I'm planning on building an electronic jukebox based on a Teensy processor and some SD-flash storage.

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