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Python and Lua are the languages i know best, but i have also done projects that include VB.NET, Java, Arduino, PBASIC, Batch, Bash and PHP.

JavaScript, HTML and CSS is obviously a part of website design.

I much prefer Python over PHP for web development, and have been using Django lately.

(Yes, i know, strictly speaking, HTML and CSS are not programming languages.)


  • http://oddstr13.openshell.no - My homepage. Not much stuff here yet, mostly just a photo gallery and a pastebin with syntax highlight.
  • http://urbancraft.no - The website of my minecraft server. At the time of writing, this page is still under construction.
  • Product COM-11181 | about 7 months ago

    Product card: http://www.atmel.com/devices/ATMEGA32U4.aspx

  • Product COM-09061 | about 7 months ago

    Product Card: http://www.atmel.com/devices/ATMEGA328P.aspx

  • Product COM-00212 | about 7 months ago


  • Product SEN-11282 | about 11 months ago

    Just gotta love the easy to spot read SparkFun boards, spotted this one in Secrets of Everything S01E03 (or, rather. it’s predecessor, the SEN-09694) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4306267/Secrets_of_Everything_S01E03_BMP085.png

    Back on topic: Great little sensor, easy to get started with :)

    • Oddstr13
  • Product COM-11120 | about a year ago

    Just FYI (For Your Information): You need 3 resistors to get it working smoothly when driving it with PWM from an arduino, one for each color. Putting just one resistor between the LED and GND gives a strange flickering.

    Someone else could probably tell more about why this is happening. I think it has something to do with the dropout voltage differing on the different colors.

    • Oddstr13
  • Product PRT-09175 | about 3 years ago

    yes, i use it on “Breadboard Small Self-Adhesive” sku: PRT-00137

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