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  • Can somebody tell me what the final purpose of Sparkfun & Co, when I see things like that known to be sold 7E on ebay eg., Int. ship. included (except the wonderful plastic case, well..). Despite it is a good product, my real question is what makes sense to claim being "open" or "free as in speech", I mean, thousands people spent time on things like linux or else with the idea of doing better or moving apart from the main branch. So what's the matter to end up with such benefit ??? ( sorry Doc :D I need to speak..!)

    Sparkfun +10M revenue, or Adafruit +1M and that said "She expects Adafruit to bring in $5 million in revenue in 2011. Her goals? Double revenue again and keep the staff "small but efficient"". There're some young & older boys there who come to you with the idea they can trust on you. So guys, please keep business, but keep thinking :)

    PS : maybe there are few bits of accountince practices to show a kind of "new age post-funk-hyppie" streamline ?? I don't know ! Wo bu zhïdào

    Edit : be sure it's not about protesting, but just blinking our LEDs across frontiers. Just to know what to bring up with cash so. Cheers, The "frenchy nuts breaker"

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