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  • I imagine that this will be showing up in coming weeks on paranormal lock down and ghost adventures as their latest ghost detection tool Just need to have the sides include infinity mirrors then you could catch those pesky spirits like the good old boys in ghost asylum ....

  • I am surprised that you have scrummed to the dark side of pseudo-science. Really no control experiments just running around with a bunch of meters does not give any credence to what the meters pick up. Its another bunch of crap like what ones see on the American Destination Channel with all their Ghost Hunters. I would have you would at least try and do some real science . Where's your faraday cage and DMM to see if there are any sprits around. How about doing some calibration studies on the VLF antenna to show what type of signal strength and frequency it is responding to. Come on Mary and Pete do your job as a real engineer and don't go over to the dark side of pseudo-science

  • What I lost my left contact lens again .....

  • Hey little fella you were suppose to make a right at Alpha Centauri ....

  • I could see using this with my wearable radiation detector (reverse bias PIN photodiodes) To become Radioactive Man. It would generate a proper sound depending on the radiation being detected... This would also entail the wearable speakers and a course digital addressable LEDs for the ultimate audio-visual "Radioactive Man"

  • OK lets see if Taco Bell will give us some free tocos as the three Amigos

  • Look it's the amazing 50ft woman coming to rescue us !!!!

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