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  • I have a CAN Bus Network from which I want to read messages but I cannot under any circumstances write any messages. And I need to take this messages and write them to another CAN Bus network. Does anybody have any ideas on how to do this.

  • Do you guys have a date for back in stock. Need some ASAP.

  • I'm having issues using this with the tinyGPS. I am not getting valid data for date, course, and speed. It shows 0/0/2000 for date, 99999999 for course, and 99999999 for speed.
    I'm getting 0 checksum errors. I don't know if anybody has solved this issue because it seems other people are getting this same error.

  • I'm also having the same problem as Federico.
    Using the test sketch I always get the same speeed, the date won't update (it stays on 0/0/2000), and I get and aditional checksum added on every serial print.
    I got less checksum errors when doing reads more often as somebody suggested but they are still there.
    Anybody know how to resolve this?
    Finally I got a solution. Updating the newsoftserial library value of NewSSMAXRXBUFF to 256 I finally got it to work.

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