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  • Does anyone know how to use this with a Mac and OS X? I have been using it successfully with Windows and Linux for Home Automation purposes but recently switched to a Mac and while I can use traditional Linux/Unix tools (socat, netcat, etc.) to connect from terminal-based apps on the Mac, anything that has a GUI interface on the Mac doesn't see the virtual serial interface I create with socat. I've found a few GUI Mac apps like Multicom that 'should' work but do not, like socat, they seem to connect to the WIZ110SR but the virtual tty they create cannot bee seen by GUI-based Mac apps. Specifically, I use the WIZ110SR to connect an Insteon PLM to a Mac Mini running Indigo Home Automation software - as I mentioned above, it has worked flawlessly with windows and linux using different HA PAckages, but nothing in the Mac GUI world seems to be able to use it.

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