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  • It is quite easy to set up an offline compiler for the LPC1768. There are several manuals for that on the internet. And as long as you can generate a .bin file, it is just a matter of dragging and dropping that into the mbed usb-drive and resetting the device by the hardware switch or by a cntrl-brk sent from a serial terminal. Only downside of offline compiling is that you don't have full access to the embed libraries. You can find the .h and .o files in their svn, so maybe someone can make even that work. Wonder how difficult it would be to get the xduino environment to work with this board. That should provide an arduino like environment offline.
    The ease of working with this device --no need for any additional interface to program it, and a programming environment which has been made as simple as the arduino environment-- for me makes this an excellent choice for learning to work with these processors, but also for quite advanced projects, recognizing though that not all processor pins have been brought out to the header rows.

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