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  • Got the solution. If you are on the github webinterface (https://github.com/nseidle/OpenLog/tree/master/OpenLog_v2/) do NOT just right click on the hex-file and "save-link-as" it! You should click on the hex-file-link which then takes you to a new page. There you will see a lot of numbers and characters (Intel hex format). On the right there's a link called raw. Right click there and do the "save-link-as" there. Then you'll be downloading the wanted hex-file. Flashed it and openlog works like a charme with my 4GB (FAT32) SDHC disc.
    I just love it!
    Awesome project, I really appreciate it!!

  • Hello,
    I got one openlog, but I currently am unable to get it to work. When I power it up, it outputs the 1 over an FTDI converter and then it stops. Blue LED will blink 3 times after a while (= problems initializing the card). So far so good. I tried to update the firmware to the newest 2.41 version, as I'm using a 4GB SDHC (Toshiba) card (formatted FAT16 and FAT32, both didn't work). I've downloaded the newest firmware from the github and tried to bootload it. The bootloading seems to work as V1 can be bootloaded without any problems, but when loading V2 avrdude reports me an error. It starts programming 32768 bytes (which is maximum of the ATMega) and during verifing I'm getting the error:
    avrdude.exe: verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x7800
    0x32 != 0x0c
    Strange is also, that the file sizes between V1 and V2 are very different. The current V1 hex file has 69.108 bytes and the V2 hex file (filename: OpenLog_v2.cpp.hex) has 247.589 Bytes?!
    Anyone any ideas?
    Greetings from Germany,

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