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  • Is this battery really secure ? There's 2 cells serialized. But when several Lithium cells are serialized, they can become unbalanced. Example, for a total of 6V, 1st cell voltage can be 4,5V and 2nd cell voltage 1,5V. So to serialized several cells, a Battery Management System (BMS), which control each cell separately, is mandatory. Is there a tiny BMS inside this little pack?

  • I reply to myself just to inform Arduino users.
    I tested my Color LCD Shield on an Arduino Uno and it works fine (except the little pink dapple: dead pixels).
    This Color LCD Shield is only compatible with Arduino board featuring built-in 3.3V power supply.
    i.e. It is not compatible with Arduino NG Rev.C and older (Arduino NG, Extreme v1/v2, USB v1/v2), Arduino Bluetooth and probably others old Arduino Boards.
    Sparkfun, could you please add theses compatibilities informations in the product description?

  • Hi,
    I just bought this Color LCD Shield via Lextronik in France.
    I try to make it work on Arduino NG rev.C (ATMEGA168) without success.
    I tried Peter's Library with sample and also tried the Mark's code. At beginning, the LCD stays blue. Then it displays something that is hard to see, it seems to display wrong colors with odd random lines and dots and odd characters. When I push buttons, I see there are changements, but images are still randomly distorted.
    There's also some pixels (a little dapple) which stay pink all the time.
    It looks like the problem described by "chh | August 12, 2010 at 11:32 AM".
    I've got 2 assumptions:
    - the LCD is broken.
    - this shield is not compatible with the Arduino NG (perhaps because Arduino NG doesn't have a 3.3V output).
    What is your opinions?

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