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  • Hi,
    I inserted an XBee 1mW chip antenna into an XBee breakout board and connected it to a laptop via an FT232RL board. Using X-CTU the XBee could not be detected. I have tried various things, but without any success. I have detailed below the steps I have taken, and the responses I get.

    1) The module is in AT command mode, I get "unable to communicate with modem". This happens for all baud rates including 9600.
    2) When the API box is checked and Test/Query button in X-CTU is pressed, the following message comes up:
    Communication with modem OK...
    Modem type: Name unknown (ID=42949672481977066586)
    Modem firmware version:
    3) Following on from step (2) with API box still checked, I clicked on the Modem Configuration Tab and the READ button is pressed, the following message appears:
    Failed to enter command mode
    Unable to read Version (ATVR)
    Read parameters failed
    Although the "read parameters failed", when "+++" is entered into the Terminal tab field I get gibberish: FF FF FF FF etc.

    Has anyone come across this before and been able to solve it? Do you think it could be my bad soldering?
    Please note: I verified that the problem does not lie with the XBee module. By inserting the XBee into an XBee Explorer USB, the XBee was detected successfully and I was able to communicate with it (using X-CTU).

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