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  • just couple things to add to this discussion.
    it is true that this law was initialized to define the miniaturization of the transistor however when you look more closely at how this miniaturization comes in to being. it is through an expansion in knowledge that we are able to miniaturize the transistor so in this way it is possible to expand the scope of this “law”. when the scope of this law includes all of the inventions that were predecessors to the invention of the transistor you can follow it back in time just about as far as you want to take it. when you evaluate what you are looking at when you expand the scope it appears that this law is an inherent property of human knowledge and if you then consider the implications that the cosmological science offers that the fundamental particles that make up our entire planet and like wise us as people are part of the big bang and that we are all expanding and that this expansion is in fact accelerating as we have recently learned and we then put the graph of the expansion of the universe next to Moore’s law and do some normalization you will see they are far to similar to be chance. now we consider what is being said about the transistor reaching some constant and not being able expand any more. what i would say to that considering what i have implied i would say you are not considering the whole picture and that there are variables in the equation that have been left out such as paradigms in programming or the work that is being done in with optical computing. i guess what i’m saying is that Moores law is not tied to the transistor because the transistor would not have come into being if the knowledge about it had not existed before hand and it does not get smaller based only on the variables its based on our expanding knowledge of what is really going on at the fundamental levels of matter. but don’t take my word for it investigate yourselves criticism is always welcome. oh great topic by the way very cool stuff