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  • For the rank noob's like me.
    some issues that arent explained real well for the pocket programer and programmers notebook.
    The uncompressed blink file and make file must be in the same folder, (windows 7 would not prperly uncompress the saved files until i moved them, even though you can view them they were not uncompressed as far as programmers notebook was concearned.
    a quick note on using programmers notebook,
    upper and lower case is important!!!
    in "tools" use make clean to clear out the previous compile in the register (you wont lose the file's_) then make all to compile it, then make program to write the program to the chip.
    The standard make file has problems with the pocket programmer. make the following changes.
    MCU = atmega328
    AVRDUDE_PORT = usb (this one is probably not necessary)


    once I made these changes it woked fine, I left the -b off due to comments on AVRDUDE's site.
    Good luck.

  • Windows 7 driver issue.77777
    loaded drivers from this web site and WINAVR,
    Kept getting "could not find usbtiny device"
    Found windows 7 driver @ http://www.ladyada.net/make/usbtinyisp/download.html
    Now all works fine:
    Sparkfun howabout updating the driver info for us Windows 7 people.

  • I am having a lot of difficulty getting the chip and the switch to lock into the board. I seems the board is to deep or the pins or to short on both, can not push either in far enough, they are just sitting on top with no solid connection. Has anyone else had this problem? Do I have a defective board?? removed backing and "fingers" are all seated - no help.

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