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  • I was wondering about the exact same thing. Is it possible to send data from the host (linux computer in my case) to the microcontroller attached to the RN42 in HID mode? Did you succeed with this? If so, could you share how you did this exactly? Would be highly appreciated.

  • Here you can get the updated AHRS code which works correctly on SEN-10125, however, on SEN-10736, the magnetometer reading is wrong, and thus the stabilization of the gyro in the yaw axis is incorrect (more details, see google group):

  • Hi, did anyone get the updated AHRS code ( running on the latest version of the IMU? On SEN-10125 it works perfectly, however, on SEN-10736 the magnetic reading gives wrong values.
    If I've seen it correctly, there are (at least) two differences: the chip is oriented differently on the board and the data registers of the magnetic sensor are in a different order (x,z,y instead of x,y,z). However, so far, I wasn't able to get it running. Anyone can help?

  • Hi David, that sounds great. Could you please send me your code as well to qosoq[@t]sunrise[d.t]ch Thanks

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