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  • I like to connect these leds with 4 or 5 meters of spaces between them in 550 groups. each group containing two led's. So in total 1100 leds will be connected to each other. Do you think I will have signal loss over somewhere?

  • Any plan on stocking Hitec HS-5805MG?

  • Hey there,

    I have contacted to ID-Innovations about this issue and they took it serious. I sent a demonstration video about the problem and they sent me back this link saying it's sorted out.


  • I am having read issues with the ID-20's serial starting with LV160912----

    If it's on Arduino with breakout; I can't upload the code, I need to take the ID-20 out, upload the code then put it on.

    If it's on Sparkfun RFID USB Reader; some readings stuck in loop and it tries to read after and after which brings out weird buzz and led light. Especially if you need to leave the rfid card on the reader for a bit.

    I have four ID-20's bought last year which they have serial number as only numbers they work really fine with both breakout and rfid usb reader.

    Does any have this kind of issue? I am getting so untrusty with ID-20's :/ or is there a production line issue with this last batch?

  • So is this 20 dollars price drop permanent or what?

  • is it really necessary to have ftdi breakout for this? I tought it would upload the program directly over Ethernet?

  • consider and think twice before buying the breakout version instead of the shield version.

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