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  • sorry, only for signature checking. not helping me a little
    maybe this project can help
    Open Sensor Network - osnd
    lightweight network daemon serving those purposes:
    1.) providing unified interface for various sensor (either via network or via plugin)
    2.) log data supplied from varius sensors into database
    3.) serve request from other OSN network nodes (or dataminers) - either realtime, or from the database (with maximum history setting)
    1.) must be portable - cause needs to be embeeded to networking hw (routers, AP and other networking computers)
    2.) must provide option for secure data transfer between peers. Private public cryptography should be used. Every instance of the osnd will have its own private and public key (accessible wordwide) . Private key is used to sign the sensor data so authenticity of the source of data cannot be compromised.

  • i've setuped a git on public hub
    i'll commit my previous work (related to mincrypt) - i've just got it working :)

  • also the source code for this needs to be public domain to be usable. If anybody interested in putting this code
    into AVR i'm in. Wanted to do this before but never had enough of time...

  • is anybody interested in implementing cryptography into this device so the readouts could be authorized by certain authority - to prevent spam measurements ? Like signing the message with RSA/DSA a sent in in plaintex as cryptogram so nobody can fake the measurement. It would need to allow to upload the public keys for signing via serial port by companion uprocesor (from multiple trusted authorities - we cant trust to single network in this dark ages)

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