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Macquarie Medical Systems

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English, Bahasa Malaysia, Hokkien, Mandarin, Cantonese, Kelate dilect.

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  • The anti-gravity shield were not compatible with Arduino.

  • There are three files I ’ve got from the manufacturer: 701(1100,100,80)(115200)_EN_V3.5.bin - firmware Printer Setting Tool.exe - Set Baud after firmware upgrade Prn2103.exe - Upgrade Firmware

    It is a bit tricky to get it working. It would be best form Sparkfun to get the official permission for them to make available. There are hidden protocols via UART/RS-232 which is not published.

  • I stopped making ECG this year. Too much work and not much gain/profit. This is the product. http://www.machealth.com.au/mms/tabid/660/ProductID/788/Default.aspx

    Alternatively take a look at: http://www.stm32circle.com/projects/project.php?id=31

  • I have contacted the manufacturer and there are firmware that can upgrade the printer to accept Baud rate of 115200. I can now print full graphics at a very good speed.

    Now over to Sparkfun to provide this to all who would buy and use this.

    The print quality in full graphics is very good.

  • It’s not a bike. It is a tractor inside.

  • TJ looks like TK in the Angel Beats anime character:


  • We discovered that not all USB cables and USB->serial converters exhibit the same characteristics. Some USB cables dropped the VBUS down to 4.3V instead of the nominal +5V. Some USB cables have thinner wires inside and hence cannot carry the supposed 500mA and some cheap USB-UART converters uses bad RS-232 chips and drain more currents.

    So if the device is sensitive to the +5 VBUS and/or other reasons, the data may be corrupted and hence produced weird results. I don’t know if 4Dsystems has this problem but our own products certainly had issues with these sorts of problems.

  • The Chinese writing says please close the door as you enter or exit from the machine room.
    The building in Hong Kong was once own by a bankrupt Australian Business man who won the American Cup yacht race - Alan Bond. Very old building! (1980’s).

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