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  • All IC's are made of smoke. When the smoke escapes, they stop working. All Sparkfun products are made of sparks. When they stopped working, you have to take it outside to let the sparks escape.

  • The anti-gravity shield were not compatible with Arduino.

  • There are three files I 've got from the manufacturer: 701(1100,100,80)(115200)_EN_V3.5.bin - firmware Printer Setting Tool.exe - Set Baud after firmware upgrade Prn2103.exe - Upgrade Firmware

    It is a bit tricky to get it working. It would be best form Sparkfun to get the official permission for them to make available. There are hidden protocols via UART/RS-232 which is not published.

  • I stopped making ECG this year. Too much work and not much gain/profit. This is the product. http://www.machealth.com.au/mms/tabid/660/ProductID/788/Default.aspx

    Alternatively take a look at: http://www.stm32circle.com/projects/project.php?id=31

  • I have contacted the manufacturer and there are firmware that can upgrade the printer to accept Baud rate of 115200. I can now print full graphics at a very good speed.

    Now over to Sparkfun to provide this to all who would buy and use this.

    The print quality in full graphics is very good.

  • It's not a bike. It is a tractor inside.

  • TJ looks like TK in the Angel Beats anime character:


  • We discovered that not all USB cables and USB->serial converters exhibit the same characteristics. Some USB cables dropped the VBUS down to 4.3V instead of the nominal +5V. Some USB cables have thinner wires inside and hence cannot carry the supposed 500mA and some cheap USB-UART converters uses bad RS-232 chips and drain more currents.

    So if the device is sensitive to the +5 VBUS and/or other reasons, the data may be corrupted and hence produced weird results. I don't know if 4Dsystems has this problem but our own products certainly had issues with these sorts of problems.

  • The Chinese writing says please close the door as you enter or exit from the machine room.
    The building in Hong Kong was once own by a bankrupt Australian Business man who won the American Cup yacht race - Alan Bond. Very old building! (1980's).

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