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  • When using these standoffs, make sure that the part that fits its snugly. I smoked a couple of 35 dollar parts by not tinning (fattening) the pins to get a tight fit. As a result the part "bounced" and reseated itself incorrectly. Learn from my pain here.

  • Beware of using this product with the 2mm standoffs that Sparkfun sells. I wanted to get the standoffs for this unit to be able to easily remove the module from the PCB, but I noticed that the pins do not fit snugly in the socket. As a result, the ID-20 slipped out of its mounts and then came back down into THE WRONG socket whilst handling! Doh! This smoked one of my ID-20's. It made a huge bubble on the top of the Id-20 that resembled a pimple. That one is dead, the day before a similar thing happened and quietly bricked that unit. I think I am going to forego the standoffs and solder these units directly to the board. So now, I am wondered if the company would make a SMD version. I am pissed that I did not take better care of those 2 ID-20 that I ruined. Lesson learned.

  • I bought 5 of these. I have them installed in a custom RFID card reader system. ID-20 -> PIC2455 -> Xbee Pro 60mW to a linux box running a custom daemon to reply back with an answer. The PIC then drops a relay to open a door. All was going great until last night we one of the readers just quit working. I am not sure why. It is the ID-20 module itself. It will not spit out anything. I am not sure how to troubleshoot the individual module since it is self-contained. I guess I just wasted $34.95. I hope the others do not just go bad. I am assuming that I misaligned the pins when plugging the unit back into the 2mm headers and I fried it. Anyone confirm my findings?

  • Just ordered 2 of these and they work really really well. I didn't configure a thing and they just worked out of the box. I had to order the regulated 5v board since my PIC's are 5v currently, but that part also functioned well. I just used a MAX3232 between the XBee and the computer itself. Luckily the 3232 has 2 distinct serial ports which makes it great to test 2 XBee's on a breadboard next to each other on the regulated board, then into the MAX3232, then into a serial cable, then to a serial to usb adapter, then to the computer. I would recommend this part. I would buy it at mouser because it is cheaper over there.

  • Another thing: it would be nice to have Sparkfun pull my changes to the Eagle CAD library on Github so that other people can benefit from my toiling over Eagle Parts. Github rocks for this sort of thing and there isn't any reason the Sparkfun Eagle library can't become THE library for hobbist parts. But only if pull in downstream changes are pulled in.

  • I just ordered a couple of these and it looks like from the comments that the LDO regulator has been upgraded to the 500ma version. This is good. So now, if the level shifters have been put in, then all should be well. If not, here is an article about what can be done with respect to level shifting. http://www.edn.com/article/464257-Don_t_pay_for_level_translators_in_systems_using_multiple_power_supply_voltages.php

  • Hopefully this is not too dumb of a question, but when are these coming back into stock?

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