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  • Hello everyone, First love the idea. Second I am a complete noob to the Arduino and ordering my first this week and it's the first micro processor I'll own too. But that is not discouraging me and I have a few books already purchased coming this week too regarding electronics, circuits and engineering. But anyway back to my main post. Wouldn't it be possible if not better to possible mount female RJ45 jacks on the side of the light boxes to keep a cleaner look to the setup? I know it sounds stupid but if you possibly think the center two boxes as "Home" and have three female jacks on their sides then the next pair would have only 2 female jacks then the the next set 1 then the last would be the terminating box. And it too could be scalable if you wanted to add additional boxes you could just plan for that many of required box jacks. Then just below the two home boxes you can mount your controller with all 8 lines leading out to the two boxes and then have one power supply dangling or if you could recess It in the wall and have the wall wart out below. Doing it this way you could plan better for your wiring setup and possibly make shorter 6 or 8" cat cables in white, cream or whatever your wall is colored. In reading I seen that you opted to put out 13v at 2amp due to the attenuation of the wired connection and loss of 1 volt would this then possibly require and additional .5 volt to accommodate the daisy chain effect?
    Also I and not sure if anyone else noticed that the corners of the LED segments were a bit dimmer on the pointed corners? would adding a .5 to .75 inch between the the two LED bars fix this or would just adding a small bit of aluminum foil to it to create a slight reflection like they use in photography.
    Great Tutorial hopefully the wife does kill me on this project if I get the courage to do it.

  • Trying to be nice about the post, but as the description suggests. They are momentary switches. I apologize if this was not in the description when you posted this comment.

  • For those interested in what he is talking about you can find the sample product here and possibly software that will work with your application.
    But it appears to be a centronic connector, but I could be wrong and the link to the manual does not list it either.