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  • Tesla/Edison, AC/DC if you must then as Angus and Malcolm would say "And you want to see me do my thing All you gotta do is plug me into high" voltage. So let us than take our Lithium and calming plug our Battery in and if we must plug it in to some High Voltage. Then we'll see some Thunderstruck and some Shock me all night long...

    Ok ... off of that little diddy I vote for the Battery Block. It's simple but with the miniaturization of the Edison you don't want to be plugging this into a wall and be tethered by wires. This defeats the beauty of the Edison. So the battery board gives us the power to run the Edison freely and also gives us the capability to charge the battery again and again. The simplicity of the battery board combined with the complexity of the Edison board gives us a beautiful harmony for our IOT or anything else we want to Rock.

    Tesla/Edison - AC/DC - rock on!

  • What?!?! You never seen the Guru of Gadgets meditating? Where do you think all these great ideas come from?

  • Community

    So my son, age 6, and I watched Battlebots this summer and he is super excited by it. He wanted to start building a bot together and I am all for the Maker Spirit he has. I thought it might be the easiest to start with a kit per say so he can do some of it himself. Any suggestions? We are open to guidance and help on this.


  • On his first day as new CEO of Sparkfun, Luigi looks at the new Sparkfun logo in green.

  • Captain Sparkfun - defender of the makers!

  • White Men can't jump but we can do the Atmel Pose.

  • The Atmel Trophy Pose

  • Thank you for the quick response.

    There was a comment in the tutorial: "In later tutorials, we’ll cover Python, JavaScript, and other options for getting the Edison to do what you want." So will the IDE for Javascript then be the XDK or will you stay with the Eclipse IDE?

  • This is a noob question but what is the difference between loading up the Intel XDK Intel Edison IoT and setting up Eclipse as described above? What are the Pros and Cons of each? I haven't loaded either yet rather just doing some simple command line code. Is the Intel XDK buggy or incomplete? Thank you.

    By the way these tutorials are great for someone getting started. The hardest thing is having all this energy and enthusiasm to start creating something great and then you get stuck right at the beginning with a problem not loading the right driver or such. These tutorials help you get through that and make it easier for all of us. So BIG thanks.

  • FYI the Schematic needs sheet 2 added to it. Only sheet 1 of the 2 sheets shows up when clicking on the link. Not to get picky on the spelling but Scematic should be Schematic. Thanks.

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