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  • I've created a case for this if anyone wants.

  • Would love to see the dobsonian mount you mentioned. I think the projects work better because it runs through everything you encountered including the unexpected and how you overcame it.

  • Is there a way to factory reset this? I've put mine into an unknown state and I can't get it to respond. I've tried sending a clear command at every baud rate, but that didn't work.

  • In playing around with it, I can't set a working sample rate longer than 32 seconds. I'm guessing something is being stored or interpreted as an integer (32k value) and that's causing this funny business but I haven't found it in the code yet.

  • Does this have any capability of charging the battery while connected to USB or another external power source?

  • On a black on green 20x4 lcd, the backlight flickers quite a bit. Any suggestions on how to eliminate it? It's being powered from an Arduino UNO's 5V line via a breadboard.

  • I have this venus gps working with an arduino uno with no problems, but how would I give it commands to change baud rate, etc? I've looked at the hex codes in the spec sheet and I understand what I need to pass, I'm just not sure how to do that in my sketch. I'm using the NewSoftSerial and TinyGPS libraries, if that matters.

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