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  • I just got this kit and so far it’s been great! I had no problems with the case and everything seems to be in order.
    I do have a comment and a question however. The 3rd example/tutorial seems to have some issues. The overlay card and the manual don’t match up. Even in the downloadable 36 page pdf file linked here on the product page the printed card shown in circuit 3 doesn’t match up with what it’s telling you to do (The blue and purple cables on the card aren’t in the physical depiction, the diode is placed differently, there’s a huge white thing in the middle, and a number of other differences). This confused me for a long time until I threw the overlay card out and went by the manual.
    Finally, I’m wondering what the purpose of the diode is in this example. It seems out of place and I can’t for the life of me figure out why it’s needed.

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