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  • Guy with Mohawk: Your plan to jump over the moon is quite elaborate, but it will never work. There is no way you'll get the cat to play the fiddle.

    Guy in Cow suit: Meh, I have udders, your argument is invalid.

  • On an unrelated note, I was using AVR Studio 5 to write some code to multiplex a 4x7 segment led using C. The funny thing is, in AVR Studio 5 the hex file is over 8 KBytes while the exact same code in AVR Studio 4 is 838 bytes. The developmental tools including in AVR S5 are great and really makes coding 'fun' but on a microcontroller, bytes vs Kbytes is a big deal.

  • Never mind, found all the info I needed right here. http://ladyada.net/make/usbtinyisp/stk500compat.html

  • Can anyone confirm that this programmer can be used with AVR Studio?