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  • Instead of saying “Sorry, world” every time you do have something interesting, fix the problem with your local distributors before you actually release the product. Sales is not rocket science in the end of the day, and you knew it better than me.

  • Well, now is turn for Sparkfun open source phone app and server, and this will be a great seller. Sparkfun IoT :)

  • +1 fogger. I am happy I gave up after 20 captchas, and twice as happy I did not participate previous years

  • Here is another two devices - “doppler speedmeters” - How wheels radar gun - and pocket radar which are just asking for such serial hacking :-)

  • Robert, I don’t mind the price (probably will order one today), but it will be great if Sparkfun can offer different sizes. I personally saw similar one used in a aid for people with hearing loss. Basically what is done, they have a titanium screw into the bone and this screw is like a hook for such transducer.

  • Hi Aaron,
    you are saying there is firmware with CPM in the repository, but at least in the beginning of the file there is still counts per second, every second (v13). Is there something newer than v13?

  • So, probably I am repeating question from above, but what should be changed in firmware v13, so output to COM port will be CPM? As I can see v13 give counts per seconds, so it should be simple enough, however I am not a programmer… thanks in advance

  • Check out those miniature ferrite core RFID antennas, I guess there other manufacturers, too.