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  • I see how some people send out for stencils if Kicad or some program has a gerber layour for solder mask and I had a 3d plastic printer could I print a sheet and use that then order a pc board with some of the board files anded together for a placement stencil?

  • So how do they expect the files to be formated?
    I was thinking of using BRL-CAD it provides building the design in 3d from scripts or by the mouse or a combination of both and is free and open soruce.

  • are these silver plated? I am looking for silver or silvercloride plated right angle headers 16 pins or break away...

  • their is a single chip 3 axis acselerometer..
    Home > Modern Device > Sensors > 3-Axis Accelerometer Module
    so check it out whack em together using kicad for a full open source system.

  • If you go to the barebones arduino board site modern devices...
    Home > Modern Device > Sensors > 3-Axis Accelerometer Module
    they have 3 axis acselerometer... ask a librarian and they will twitch till it is found... :)

  • If people are having trouble with programming the linux format programming issue shows open source GUI interface C# programming that can work with serial ports & could run and compile on multiple os.

  • this would be great with a full speed usb serial com port tutorial.

  • I would realy like some bentchmark tests and usb com port code examples. Full speed usb for high speed data logging.

  • teensy++ has teensyduino code compatibility and I like the full speed USB serial communication examples. If that was avalable for the uberboard I would be interested in that.
    Full speed virtual usb com or speaking to open source drivers is interesting.

  • Does free day apply to batch pcb? I have some boards I want to order?

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