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  • ok, the last one, the above workaround didn't solved the problem, it seemed ok in the dark, but the readings were completely (hundreds hz)when i put a small light over the sensor.

  • found a dirty workaround the readings with the wall plug were 60 hz higher, probably for the 60hz frequency of the power line, so i just subtracted it from the frequency.

  • i just could not filter the fluctuations caused by the power suply, i used the computer usb as power source, and it gave different readings when the comp was plugged on the wall and when it was just on battery.

  • Really amazing this chip, i created my account just to make this comment; I made the circuit on the Great Arduino tutorial above and used a buzzer with tone() function to give an audio feedback of the frequency, it had been able, in a dark room with all windows closed and just the arduino┬┤s leds as light source, to perceive and give real time feed back of when i was smoking (i.e sucking) the cigar and when i wasn't.
    Detail: i did it behind a concrete wall, 4 meters away from the sensor. really AMAZING! it could even detect the shadow cast by my hand on the light of the cigar reflected in the wall!

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