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  • You mention the BlueSoleil software wanting to assign ever higher COM numbers. That’s because when good ol' Microsoft assigns a COM port number, it then reckons it should reserve that number for ever, for that device, just in case. If you look in device manager and look at the advanced properties of any serial device, you can reassign the port to a lower number; but you open the drop down list and they all seem to be “in use”. Quite simply, that’s a lie. It merely means that once upon a time, they were assigned. You can just ignore the “in use” and assign them to whatever port number you wish. Unless you’re unlucky of course and the number you chose does clash with something currently connected; then of course you have to try again.
    MUCH better though, if you write your own software, use FTDI chips and use the FTDI FTD2XX drivers, which work much better than the awful Microsoft VCP drivers (which uses the COM numbers). The FTD2XX dll works much morereliably and doesn’t get prissy about COM numbers.

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