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  • I’m using a pair I already had as an Electromyogram (EMG) detector for muscle activity. I feed it into a differential amplifier, then to a highpass filter, then to a rectifier, then to an low pass amplifier, and lastly to a dsPIC micro. They are pretty sweet. I’m able to detect flexing of muscles and also heart beat. You’ll need to buy 2 pairs though. You’ll need one pair between the area to be sensed, and another sensor to put on an area of your body that will connect to ground. I may post more details when my project is finished. Here is a great reference that will definitely get you started:

  • Cobalt,
    Would you mind putting up your C code (if you’re using C) for initialization of the LCD? I’m going to be using a dsPIC30F6014A. Thanks.

  • Hey guys, I’d appreciate any input you offer.
    I have 2 pairs of similar electrodes from a TENs unit laying around the house. I’m thinking of employing these in my senior design project. Could someone tell me if these would be effective to monitor heart pulse?
    Here’s how I would go about it, but please correct me or offer suggestions:
    I would imagine setting up one electrode right before the hand (on the wrist) and the other electrode about 4-5 inches down, both sensors on the underside of the forearm. Then I would run the output of the V+ electrode through some kind of amplifier and into a PIC A/D converter. I have a dsPIC dev kit. I don’t know if I’d need digital signal processing or could code in an easier manner. Can anyone provide some coding or code references for detecting a peak in the signal? Would this method of setting up the electrodes work? Thanks.

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