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  • Biggest ripoff ever. I know I wasn't guaranteed to get larger boards... but they guarantee at least 1" x 1" dimensions. I ordered 150 and got:

    96@ 1.375" x .375"

    30 @ 1.0625" x .59"

    24 @ .5" x .5"

    ... just wanted these for an art project. Would've been better buying a few old vcr's at a yardsale and pulling the boards.

  • I bought 14 of these as well as 3 usb ones. Usb is a waste if you're gonna use these with the arduino. Spi is the way to go. However, half of the boards reconfigured fine for a multi-board setup. The rest did not. Any one have this problem and have a fix? It is just staying on light 0 after doing the config. I'm using the same exact script from the arduino that I used for the boards that did work.

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