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  • This is the all-time best caption ever.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if they ran the numbers on previous orders to find the optimal price point.

  • $150 order on October 14th, and my shipping came to $46!!! If I’d have waited a week, I’d have got my shipping for free! What’s the chance of Sparkfun pulling an Apple and rebating customers who paid for shipping for a certain period of time before they rolled out the offer?

  • How about a nice little plaque on the wall of the foyer of the new building with a CC license on it…

  • Nate, You’ve even open sourced your new building! Incredible transparency. Good luck with your biggest project to date.

  • If I yank your chain, will you still respect me in the morning?

  • And whenever I hear anyone talking in pounds and inches, I die a little inside…

  • Just ran in to this problem today! I was using a Mikroelectronica DS1307 development module (they call it the RTC2). Transferring my design over to ‘production’ hardware, I decided to use the Sparkfun DS1307 module. It wouldn’t work! After about 20 minutes of trying to measure signals on the pins, I finally figured out that there’s no pull-up resistors.

  • C'mon guys. You give the dimensions of the heating pad in centimetres (good) but then you babble on about temperatures in some archaic nonsense temperature scale that the rest of the world abandoned years ago. Like it or not, you’re a global company now.

  • Interesting position to be in. Can I ask whether you independently informed the 20 customers about the release of their information (other than this posting on the home page) ? If I was one of these customers, I would be a little concerned that my information had been released, even if you were legally required to do so.

    Also, what about the wording “… it is asked that this request not be released …” - is “asked” a legally binding requirement, or just a suggestion?

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