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  • When they say "Check the link below for example code..." they mean this link. http://linksprite.com/wiki/index.php5?title=16_X_2_LCD_Keypad_Shield_for_Arduino

  • Shield works great! A couple tips to help others avoid the stumbling blocks I hit:

    (1) You really do need to jumper the RESET pin to 7. Sounds silly, but if you're seeing "Error: OSC Did Not Start" or a variety of other errors, this is your fix.

    (2) For my application, I was using a mouse with a 1ms poll rate. The Host Shield Library (v2) has a default 10ms delay between polls. That sucks! To fix it, I edited "hidboot.h" in the library. Near the bottom of the file, look for "qNextPollTime = millis() + 10" and change the 10 to a 1.

    (3) Not all the mice I tried played nice with this shield. The Razer Taipan is the one I ended up using. It has an absurdly high DPI and AWESOME drivers that you can use to tweak firmware settings like DPI and liftoff distance. The taipan is pricey, though -- if your application doesn't require these things, try something cheaper first of course.

    Happy hacking!

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