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  • I am having the "fatal error: sam.h" issue. Where can I find the temp files so that I can delete them? Thanks!

  • Please make it more clear that this unit is intended for Hitec servos. I bought three only to find out after delivery that the servo gear doesn't fit my servos.

  • I appreciate that, but would rather group it all together and reduce the overall cost...that's the beauty of slip rings to transmit power and communications through a joint.

  • Love the 15A rating, but would like to have two data lines...for RS-485 or other two-wire busses. Some slip rings are made with mixed gauge wires, ie. two 2A lines for data, and two 15A lines for power. Pretty please?!

  • Zach Hoeken has a nice tutorial on exactly that... http://www.hoektronics.com/2012/10/27/super-simple-smt-stencil8/

  • Love these posts on manufacturing! What about the stencils themselves? Where do you get these done? or do you do them in house?

  • This is a bit late to the game but I have a few questions. I'm wondering do you do ALL your own assembly, or does your PCB manufacturer do some as well? I understand that you use Gold Phoenix. If they do some assembly for you, do you use their turnkey services, or do you provide them with the parts, and if it's the latter then how do you make sure everything is kept track of? I guess a lot of parts come from China, so I imagine you just ship them directly to the assembler? I'm just starting to get some products built, and am trying to figure out the best way to get this done. Also, at what quantity do you start using using pick and place? cheers.

  • So one of my concerns with releasing designs is that a company with deeper pockets will pick it up and take it further than our small company could initially, and thereby we'll lose the ability to make a living off of our work. So my question is does Sparkfun ever produce open hardware projects that compete with the original creators? It looks like sometimes you work with other companies producing oshw eg. Arduino, and sometimes you produce them yourselves eg. OpenServo. When do you choose to fab a project yourselves? When do you choose to work with partnering companies?

  • Any photos of the event? Would love to see what was made. If you're in the Toronto area in late November, there's another hardware hackathon called Get Your Bot On. http://www.getyourboton.com

  • This looks great, thanks for doing it. I hope to make use of it in a few projects. Here's a few comments/questions:
    The executable doesn't appear to work with the 328's and a 16Mhz external crystal, nor do I see references to that chip in the source. Does the link go to the updated version of Screamer?
    Also I'd love to use this with Sanguino/Atmega644's. I'll poke around the source to see if I can realistically do this. I'll look for the comments, but any advice on what/where to add to the code?
    Lastly, what are the chances of using this for batch programming a bunch of zigbee connected Atmegas at once. Does the checksum make it a one at a time process?

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