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  • That's a great question. I'm a guitarist with 27 years of experience.

    The first 3 seconds of that video show a great collection of classic and modern pedals. If you pause that part, you’ll see the vast majority use the same type of bypass switch that comes with the Proto Pedal. This is super common for guitar pedals, and many prefer these for live performances. It's easy to tell when you've clicked that heavy switch under your shoe to know the effect is on/off, which can be difficult with different switches…and different shoes for that matter.

    The expression pedals are typically used to adjust your volume or sweep through a value of the effect, like to vary the frequency on your envelope filter, or change the length of a delay's feedback. While some of them still use the same small switch under the pedal as a bypass, its larger design facilitates the sweeping motion needed to achieve the desired effect. My "wah" pedal has this sort of design. They are used for a slightly different purpose than bypass.

    Your other example looks useful in the right situation, like a home studio. However, for live performance, I much prefer the tactile click and durability of the small bypass switch.

    My $.02. I hope it helps.

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