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  • I was looking at the picture from the camera in the description... why is there a giant iPod in your garage?

  • Cancel all that; I didn't read through the previous comments thoroughly enough. Found my answers! Thanks for the pre-emptive help!

  • That works for you? I've been scratching my head about the same problem.

  • (New at this) can you mount this shield on an Uno? Or is that too small? Also, how do you actually connect the inverter? I've read the instructions and searched some different sites, but I'm still not clear.

    The 12V inverter on here has 1 JST connector from the picture. But the guide on GitHub says "There will be 4 wires coming from your inverter; two of them are for the input power, and two of them will be the wires that output the AC signal. Connect the two wires for the input power to the pins on the EL Escudo labeled �Raw Voltage.� Connect the other two wires to the pins labeled �Output.� Once the hardware is connected the Arduino board can be powered."

    Help a noob out?

  • I see that it's already set up to output an RCA signal, but how would I connect this to an RCA cable?

  • I was also disappointed when I saw that they haven't integrated a flux capacitor. I mean come on! It comes with PUDDING! If they can put something as complex as pudding on this, why can't they just solder on the flux capacitor? or at the very least I'd like a 4 dimensional tilt sensor. That'd be nice. Maybe on v2. =]

  • "Quantum State switch allows for simultaneous ON/OFF operation (until the state of the device is observed)"
    Heisenberg would be laughing as hard as I am now if he could read this.