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  • You use the newsoftserial library, but you don't elaborate. For those that want the library to make the examples work it is at:
    You have to download and extract it to your arduino/libraries directory.
    I was able to get it working relatively easily after soldering 22 wire to the RX,GND, and VDD. You include a cable but that was not very good as it had to be tined so not good with a breadboard. If you are going to include a cable make it one that works with a breadboard then the experts can just cut it but the newbs can still play.
    I had to figure out the pin setup by looking at the sketches though.
    I think you should mention the lib you are using, how to download and install it, where to find it, etc if you plan on using non-standard install libs.
    Otherwise great product! It works fabulously.

  • The manifesto confused me...I'm probably a simpleton but isn't the point of PI to find the circumference of a circle when you only know the diameter and then build arc lengths from that?
    I guess TAU could be just called circumference?
    The example under figure 8 shows him giving an arbitrary length then dividing by 12 which doesn't really need explaining. If you already know the circumference you wouldn't need PI.
    Also, PI isn't a measure of an angle it is a ratio of the diameter to the angle. So if you had a circle 2 whatevers across the circumference would be 2 PI R.
    It just seems like a TAU is a redundant name for something else.

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