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  • I can confirm that updating to V5 solved all the image corruption problems.

  • Thanks Erazmus! Based on what you've said, I don't have V5 on mine either.
    Are you still observing corruption on the displays even AFTER updating to V5 and taking care not to use either of the control characters?
    The RGBMatrix example looks pretty bad on my 4 daisy-chained V4(?) displays: the SPARKFUN ELECTRONICS string is glitchy/out of alignment, and there are often big gaps where individual LEDs should be lit. Oh, and there's a seemingly random blinking purple LED that activates on one or more of the displays sometimes, regardless of how I program them. I believe other people have reported that one as well. In any case, I really hope V5 clears those problems up.

  • Which firmware are these shipping with these days? Is there any way to determine that through software?
    I just got four of these. I'm seeing some minor corruption on the display when testing with the RGBMatrix library, which based on comments I've read, would seem to imply that I don't have the latest firmware (V5).
    Finally, is there a way to access the ISP without adding a 6-pin header to the backpack? Could I use the MISO, CS, SCLK, GND, VCC from the SPI output header along with the MOSI pin from the SPI input?

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