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  • Last week I’ve attended the Cypress seminar here in Israel and got a Pioneer kit with a Proc and a Psoc BLE. The first one is essentially a pure BLE while the other one comes with all the PSOC4 goodies up to 256KB ROM! The connection to IOS or Android app is super easy. The Bluetooth radio part is almost all included inside the chip while other require some sophisticated AMN.

  • Sorry…she didn’t make it….terrible story…

  • What about the Cypress PSoc4 BLE? for 3$ you get 32bit Arm M0 MCU, Analog+Digital FPGA and BLE, of course….

  • The unit responds with same number of bytes you send. Send two bytes - one the command, another dummy. Read two bytes - the first one will be status register the second one is the value of required register byte. BTW SPI mode is CPHA=0, CPOL= 0.

  • Unlike other I2C devices, this device requires that the write operation before read will not be terminated with a stop command. Otherwise you will read only address 0….

  • Atmospheric calculator at

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